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We enable people to heal themselves from various health issues and emotional issues by becoming aware of their connection with the body and the soul using yoga and other energy healing techniques

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Holistic Health Guidance
Personalised consultation to provide customised solutions for each person.
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Identify the root cause
Disease is a result of imbalance in our energy and we help to find the root cause so as to find a lasting solution to health and emotional issues.
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Dedicated client oriented focus
Enabling a person to heal by providing excellent support to stay healthy consistently
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Heal naturally
Healing naturally using yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and other healing processes
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About our consultation

I am Daljit Kaur, a trained yoga therapist and I have also trained in many energy healing techniques.  I recovered from many health issues with yoga practice and made it my mission to spread the knowledge of yoga and other healing techniques and to help and guide people to recover their health naturally. I practice client centric approach. My consultation  is one to one and personalised, and I offer customised solutions so that the client gets maximum benefit.

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from Pune, India
Coressa Ellia
from New Zealand